Why laundry?

There are barriers that prevent our house-less neighbors from basic, hygienic care. Unfortunate as it is, it is seen time and time again that people are judged based on how they look. Struggling families have to make tough decisions: fill up their tank of gas, buy groceries, pay the electric bill and keep the lights on, or ...do their laundry.

Laundry Love Cincinnati is all about helping the house-less reclaim their humanity through clean clothes and being welcomed into the community. And, in a small way, it offers families or individuals some financial relief, so they don’t have to make those tough choices. 

The laundry machine is just the vehicle used to create a community of caring people in a place where the walls are broken down of social, economic, and cultural constructs that divides people, and into a place where people can gather and support each other.


What are you trying to achieve?

Short answer: Create a caring, compassionate community; personal-hygiene support; the opportunity to be heard; and to lift some financial burden.

Long answer:

- Maintain relationships with local businesses, churches, organizations, schools, and individuals. Through these relationships, provide resources and support for people to find a long-term solution for their current situation--if desired. (ie, career services, haircuts, financial literacy training, food banks, drug counseling, domestic violence, etc.)

- Partner with a local dry cleaner to offer dry cleaning services.

- Provide 7,200 loads of laundry for free each year for 3600 individuals

-Host our events weekly to help save a family up to $100/month

-To provide-even a momentary-safehaven and place of hope and betterment, allowing one to feel simply human again and cared for.

-Foster relationships between different groups, breaking social barriers between communities and frames of mind. 

Is laundry really that expensive?

Yes! According to Proctor & Gamble, the average American family does 6-7.5 loads of laundry each week. At the national average of coin laundry cost of $3.00, a family can be spending anywhere between $18-$22.50 each week on the operational cost of the machine alone.


Is Laundry Love Cincinnati a 501(c)(3)?

Yes. As of June 2018, Laundry Love Cincinnati is a 501(c)(3). Our EIN is 83-0827697


Who will you be serving?

Our target demographic is low-income families, students, individuals and the house-less. However, as we will not be closing the laundromat off to the public during our events, all are welcome to our Laundry Love events.


Where can we donate?

We’ve made donating simple through our website, www.laundrylovecinci.org

Or, you can contact Jamie Jones or Kelsey Laizure at 513.815.6718  or laundrylovecinci@gmail.com should you like to donate through cash or check!